We the dancers, faculty and staff of Elite Dance Company are a vibrant community of individuals who have a high regard for each other, the art of dance, and the respectability and value of the work we do.  In all of our endeavors to study and perform as an expression of our love for dance, we show respect to the parents, peers, staff and faculty of Elite Dance Company and all of the wider dance community, including our competition. It’s our mission for every E.L.I.T.E. dancer to achieve new levels of artistry and performance beyond what is possible in their regular class work. To train and empower students to a

pre-professional level with a competitive edge who may consider dance as a major or minor in college. To make possible a young dancer’s dream to pursue a career in theatre, dance performance, or as a dance educator.

INTEGRITY:    To conduct oneself with honesty, courtesy, and respect. To express consideration for one’s fellow dancers, educators, parents, staff and competitors. To be a person who leads by example and honors commitments. To be a person other people can count on.

LEADERSHIP:  To guide, direct and influence people in achieving their highest goals and ideals. By setting an example through one’s actions and speech. To inspire and serve the people of your class, team, or community through full participation in all dance related activities. 

RESPONSIBILITY:  To respect and adhere to the policies and procedures of the studio or the organizers of any conference, workshop, or competition. To be a person who interacts with peers and authority figures in a mature manner. To question authority in a respectful manner. To speak of any issue or grievance to the person who is able to resolve any concern. To be willing to receive coaching and direction when deemed appropriate.

CHARACTER:  To be a person who represents high levels of personal integrity, leadership, and responsibility for oneself and others. A person who has the courage and willingness to face issues and concerns with maturity and dignity. To avoid gossip, criticism, or denigrating comments for any member of the dance community, parent, or peers.  

PROFESSIONALISM:  To respect the dance profession and uphold our values and standards of conduct. To support and encourage one another. To voice opinions and initiate change that will elevate the dance community. To recognize oneself as a role model at all times. To love the study and performance of dance as a universal art form.

Lindsey began her dance career at the young age of 9 at a small studio in Bluefield, West Virginia. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Modern, you name it, she trained in it! She started competing at the age of 11 and realized she wanted to be on the stage for the rest of her life.  After graduating high school, she attended Oklahoma City University, where she studied Dance Management. Later, transferring to Radford University, she continued studying in Dance. While in school she realized that choreography was something she wanted to pursue! Being able to create something so powerful and seeing the art come alive on stage was something she aspired to do.  Since her college days, her choreography has won on the regional and national level many times and has become very well known in the dance world. She is continually inspired and blown away by the talent that her students have and the passion they portray in their movement.  Her newest challenge is to make sure that everyone in her studio has a quality dance education and enjoys every step they take. She is very excited, yet humbled by this new adventure and can't wait to see where it takes her. She welcomes you to Elite Dance Company with open arms and a huge smile on her face!

"I love the fact that my students who have no intention, at this time in their lives, to dance for a living, love to come to the studio and share in all the joys that dance has to offer. I can’t take the credit for all of this, it goes to the wonderful teachers we have on faculty that want to share, not only their knowledge, but their enthusiasm for something that has brought them so much joy." 

Harrison Culqreth

Tap Director


Harrison Culbreth is an international performer, teacher, choreographer, producer and entrepreneur based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a highly accomplished tap artist who has quickly developed his own up beat; energetic, and distinctive tap style. With a unique blend of heart, drive and admiration for the art, Harrison has become a highly qualified tap instructor throughout the country. Harrison loves to educate and challenge aspiring tappers to reach their fullest potential. He has taught and choreographed top scoring routines at several of the nation’s Top 50 studios, as ranked by Dancer Magazine. Harrison's choreography has been nominated for an Industry Dance Award
Over the last several years Harrison has made an impact on several top dog competitions in the game. He has worked with Applause Talent, Encore DCS, Star Talent, Intrigue Dance Intensive, Symposium Talent, American Dance Championships and Dance Force Tour completing various task. Harrison travels the country weekly co-directing, hosting, announcing, producing, teaching and creating choreography for the events. Recently, he has produced video, photo, lighting and stage production for these events with his and David Mann's company, HDZ Productions.

Chelsey Totten


After years of avid running, a heavy focus on cardio + weights, and a “go go go” mentality, Chelsey came to yoga with a lot of muscle tightness, the desire for an intense work out and need to greatly reduce stress. Through yoga, Chelsey learned how to find balance, rest in the stillness, and find joy in the many challenges that oftentimes lead to growth. Chelsey’s passion for yoga eventually led her to study yoga and obtain her RYT 200. She specializes in vinyasa, restorative, yin, and beginner’s yoga and is passionate about sharing her practice with the local community. CLASS DESCRIPTION: This Vinyasa Flow will focus on building strength, increasing balance, and challenges you to be your most vibrant self. In this class, we will flow into each pose with smooth transitions, synchronizing movement with breath. Though every class is unique, each flow will include variations of sun salutations, a balancing sequence, core strengthening, forward folds, back bends, twists, and relaxation. Take some time getting into each pose and expect different variations that will compliment your practice. At the end of this flow, our hope is that you leave feeling uplifted, empowered, and ready to live vibrantly

Makayleigh Smith

Ballet, Lyrical, and Jazz Technique

Makayleigh Smith originally from Tazewell, VA. Grew up studying dance at Bluefield Dance Theatre since the age of three years old. She was a competitive dancer for years and studied dance across the country at places like Joffery ballet, Broadway Dance Center, and ADF. She continued her education at Appalachian State University where she received her Bachelors in Dance Studies. She was a member and a captain of the Appalachian State Dance Team. She has choreographed award winning numbers for competition dancers as well as main-stage pieces for shows. She enjoys choreography for all styles and has a passion for teaching the next generation of young movers.

Andrea Michaud Tracy recently held the title of Ballet and Contemporary Director at Kennebec Dance Centre for the past 20 years. Currently, she specializes in private coaching and choreographing for dancers, teams, and companies all around the country. Andrea is presently a national dance judge for StarQuest International Dance Competition, Edge National Talent Competition, Cutting Edge Dance Competition, and for Courtney Ortiz's judging agency, Impact Dance Adjudicators. She also is currently on faculty at Stage Presence for Dancers and The Portland Ballet School, teaching advanced ballet, pointe, variations, contemporary, lyrical and jazz. Ms.Tracy is a former principle dancer of both Portland Ballet Company and Bossov Ballet Theatre, where she was also on staff as the jazz/contemporary director and taught ballet. While still a student at BBT, she studied under the close eye of former Kirov Ballet director and dancer, Andrei Bossov, for over 10 years as one of his first american students. Later, she became his partner in many of his world premiere ballets. Andrea continued her training at the School of American Ballet in NYC, and went to Japan when she was 1 of only 7 dancers chosen to represent the USA at the 2nd International Ballet Competition in Nagoya. When she was 9 years old, she was featured as a dancer in a music video that aired on MTV and VH1. Andrea has performed with the ABT Studio Company, and was offered a full dance scholarship to the University of Arizona. She was also accepted into numerous pre-professional intern dance programs including Ballet Met and Hubbard Street Dance. Ms. Tracy has become an award winning choreographer receiving prestigious and high-scoring awards for her staging, concepts and choreography at the industry's highest levels of competition. Her students have received national recognition and scholarships to various well respected summer intensives and dance colleges. Andrea has repeatedly taught master classes for Dance Teachers seminars and numerous schools and professional companies throughout New England and the south, including setting her work on Portland Ballet, Bangor Ballet, and Portland Youth Dancers. In recent years, she has been fortunate to study with and demonstrate for Tony and Emmy award winning choreographers.

Andrea Michaud Tracy



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