Get started with Zoom:

- Zoom is a free app/online download.

- If you'd like to use your phone or tablet you can download the app through your Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

- If you are using your computer, you can download here:


- You will need to have this app in order to participate in the class. This allows everyone to see each other and the teacher to answer any questions you have while also ensuring you are dancing safely and correctly.


- Classes will be their normal length. Assuming you are dancing in your bedroom, basement, living room, etc. we will do our best to give you a complete class.


- All dancers can take classes at their level or below, but may NOT take a class at a higher level as we don't want you to practice incorrectly or hurt yourself.

To join the class: simply click on the link to the class listed under the "Zoom schedule". That link will log you right in to the class. If you are having issues accessing the class feel free to call us at 704.253.2400.

What to wear:  

Dancers can wear whatever is comfortable to move in. If you’d like to put on leotard and tights to have some “normalcy” during this time, feel free! If you want to wear yoga pants and a t-shirt, that is fine too. Please avoid baggy clothing (with the exception of hip hop) because we can’t offer corrections without seeing your lines. Typical dance shoes are best.

What you need: 

Tiny Tots & Combo Classes: 

Find any space that you can move around in without too much around you. Feel free to dance outside if the weather is nice!

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet classes:

Find something to use as a barre such as a wall, counter, or chair. Ballet barres are traditionally 42-44” off the ground. You can do ballet on carpet or hardwood/laminate, just make sure you wont kick anything.

Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop class:

Find a space that you can lay on the ground comfortably and move around without too much around you.

Tap Classes:

Dancers are allowed to wear tennis shoes instead of tap shoes. We understand that you may not want to mess up any flooring in your home. If possible, find any floor in your house that isn't carpet. Laminate, hard wood, etc. work best. Title is difficult and sometimes too slippery. 

All classes have been modified to accommodate a smaller space than the traditional dance studio, so you should be able to take class in your bedroom, basement, family room, or kitchen.


Thank you for your continued love and support during this time.









TEL: 704.253.2400   


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