A fee of $50 ($25 for each additional child) is due at time of registration  (fee is non-refundable & paid annually)

Monthly Tuition:

-Due on the 1st of every month (no later than the 5th)

-After the 5th, a $15 late fee will be applied to your account. This is a recurring charge every 5 days until tuition is paid!

-Monthly tuition is based upon the amount of hours per week your child dances.



30 Min-  $55.00/month

45 Min-  $65.00/month

1 HOUR-  $75.00/month

1.5 HOURS-  $90.00/month

2 HOURS-  $105.00/month

2.5 HOURS-  $115.00/month

3 HOURS-  $125.00/month

3.5 HOURS-  $135.00/month

4 HOURS-  $145.00/month

4.5 HOURS-  $155.00/month

5 HOURS-  $165.00/month

5.5 HOURS-  $175.00/month

6 HOURS-  $185.00/month

6.5 HOURS-  $200.00/month

7 HOURS-  $215.00/month

TUITION CAP (8+HOURS) -   $250.00/month



Competition Team fees include but, may not be limited to:

-Monthly Tuition (MINIMUM  tuition for our Company Dancers is $85 per month, regardless of how few hours your dancer takes.)

-ALL Competition Entry Fees (Payments are broken down into 6 installments)

-Costume Fees (Payments are broken down into 6 installments)

-Prop Fee

-Competition Jacket

-Competition T-Shirt

-Tuition cap is $250 for dancers who take more than 8 hours per week!

*Company fees are subject to change*

*Please see our "Company Dancers" tab for more competition information*

Spring Recital:

-Costume fee is $85, due by December 15th. (Costumes are ordered over Christmas break.)

-Recital fee of $65/dancer is due prior to February 1st

*Costume fees and recital fees are subject to change each year*


Private Lessons: 

​Elite Dance Company offers private lessons to anyone who is interested in furthering their dance training:

Call to schedule a private today!
$35.00- 30 minutes
$50.00- 45 minutes
$60.00- 1 hour
​*If you are more than 15 minutes late to private lesson without notification, session will be paid in full and rescheduled for another date.*





Elite Dance Company
Refund Policy
Tuition and registration fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable at our dance studio. Notification to withdraw from class must be received in writing to EDC by the 20th of the previous month in order to stop tuition payment for the following month. No exceptions. EDC observes the following holidays in which there are no classes: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Martin Luther King Day, Spring Break. Total value of lost dance days due to holiday or holiday breaks has been considered and is reflected in the monthly tuition amount. There are no additional refunds or credits for missed dance days due to holidays. Our tuition is also based on a ten month scale, therefore tuition will carry through May. If there are classes in addition to our 10 month program, dancers are subject to additional monthly tuition fees, which will be calculated separately. 
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 
-EDC Staff

TEL: 704.253.2400   


625 N. Main Street

Mooresville, NC 28117

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